How to get a funded account with Earn2Trade

Are you a talented trader without the funds needed to make the most of your skills? Have you created your own trading strategy to minimize risks while maximizing returns? In the past, it would have been difficult to even start a trading career, but things have changed!

Over the past three years, Earn2Trade has had a remarkable track record of giving traders and would-be traders a place to test their mettle and show off their skills. The huge incentive of securing your own funded account via a proprietary trading firm has seen many reach their potential and beyond. So, how do you get your own funded account?

Trader Career Path and Gauntlet Mini™ funding programs

The best way to sharpen your skills, showcase your potential and reap the rewards is via Earn2Trade’s virtual trading examination. They offer The Trader Career Path (cost between $150 and $190) and Gauntlet Mini™ (cost between $170 and $550) funding programs which have been an amazing jumping-off point for many of the traders who passed the tests. These are monthly subscriptions that last until you pass the test or cancel your subscription. The length of your subscription is in-effect how long you have to pass the test. So, how do you run the test and secure your own proprietary trading account?

Components of Earn2Trade’s funding programs

While both of the funding programs give you access to live data feeds, educational content, and even free access to a trading platform, there are some variables. Depending upon your choice of program, you will have different:

  • Virtual starting capital
  • Trailing drawdown
  • Daily loss limits
  • Profit goals

The key to a successful qualifying program is the ability to remain focused and disciplined while being aware of the ever-changing risk/reward ratio. It is not simply a case of how much profit you create on the virtual account but also how you achieve that profit. Treat your virtual trading as you would live market trading, run your winners, cut your losers and watch your profits rise. Don’t fall into the trap – of “it’s only virtual money” – this is your future career at stake. Bag your own funded account!

Disciplined virtual trading

If you take the attitude of throwing your virtual capital on a high-risk/potentially high-reward investment, you will get found out. Earn2Trade and their proprietary trading partners are looking for ambitious but mainly responsible traders, those able to maintain discipline while making quick market-driven decisions. One-hit wonders will be up one day and down the next. The best opportunities are provided to disciplined traders with perseverance who are in for the long haul. Do you fit that bill?

What is a proprietary trading account?

It’s probably useful to clarify the definition of a proprietary trading account. This is an account on which you are free to trade, funded by a third party in return for a share of the profit. As a new up-and-coming trader, you have access to significant capital and the chance to create some impressive long-term gains. Earn2Trade’s proprietary trading partners are able to tap into the latest talent, incentivizing traders to be cautious yet ambitious and creating a win-win scenario for everybody.

There are four main elements to proprietary trading arrangements:

  • 80/20 profit share in favor of the trader
  • 100% funded
  • Zero risk capital
  • Option to withdraw profits

Even though you will have to work for your funded account, the potential is there, and it comes with additional options. Traders who qualified via The Trader Career Path program are able to upgrade their funded accounts by withdrawing their profit to access more of the funding firm’s capital, potentially up to even $400,000. Once you qualify, how far you go is up to you!

Showcasing your trading skills

While there is nothing wrong with tapping into the adrenaline-fuelled futures trading markets, this has to be done in a controlled manner. Treat Earn2Trade virtual trading account as you would a live account because that’s what you’ll be dealing with once funded. Only then will you be able to feel the tension and the anticipation and enjoy the rewards that all traders live for. As you seek to become a successful trader, you will need to demonstrate the following:

  • A willingness to learn
  • The foresight to adapt to changing markets
  • In-depth understanding of the markets
  • A discipline that allows you to remain in control
  • Confidence in your abilities

To be a futures trader, you need an edge, confidence, and the ability to keep your eyes on the prize at all times, a proprietary trading account. Sharpening your skills on a virtual account and then transferring these to a live trading account is straightforward in principle but not so easy in practice. Are you up for the challenge?

Never stop learning

While many people are natural traders, others need a little assistance and pointing in the right direction to fulfill their potential. The two funding programs also include a 62-lesson trading course with an array of webinars and hours of content. If you require motivation, just consider the following:

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” — Benjamin Franklin 

The moment you stop learning is the moment that your investment career will peak. An investment in knowledge is forever.

“In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable.” — Robert Arnott 

If futures trading were easy, then everybody would be doing it. If you have a trading skill, use it. Assuming the risk/reward ratio adds up, you should give the investment serious consideration. Fortune favors the brave, but it favors the prepared even more.

“How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case.” — Robert G. Allen

Every investment break looks easy in hindsight, but do you have the foresight, the courage, and the drive to be ahead of the curve? Are you a leader or a follower?

Secure your funded account

The Trader Career Path and Gauntlet Mini™ funding programs offer the perfect opportunity to shine and show off your futures trading prowess and overall knowledge of the markets. Proprietary trading partners are looking for those who appreciate the risk-reward ratio and can deliver profits on a regular basis with a drive to succeed. Is that you?

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