BlockDAG's $2M Giveaway Overshadows Meme Coin Market's Downturns, Specifically PEPE & FLOKI

As meme coins like FLOKI and PEPE struggle with significant market declines, BlockDAG seizes the spotlight with its exciting $2 million Mega Giveaway. This initiative aims to boost community engagement and adoption by offering substantial rewards to its members. This comes from BlockDAG‘s spectacular presale performance, which has seen a remarkable 1120% surge in its coin price from the initial batch, helping it raise $53.5 million.

PEPE Struggles Near Crucial Support Level

Pepe (PEPE) is currently witnessing a downturn, having fallen over 11% in the past 24 hours to a price of $0.00001055. It’s approaching a critical support level at $0.00000941, with potential further declines to $0.00000738 if this level breaks. Technical indicators like the RSI and MACD suggest a prevailing bearish sentiment, hinting that sellers are dominating the market. However, if PEPE can hold above its current support, there’s a chance it could rebound to $0.00001282, although the market outlook remains tentative.

FLOKI Faces a Steep Decline

FLOKI Inu has also experienced a sharp downturn, dropping 51% from its peak of $0.0003462 on June 5 to now $0.0001691. The last day alone saw an 11% decline, marking this month’s lowest point. The bearish trend is supported by technical indicators like a low RSI of 34.11 and bearish moving averages. While a short-term recovery to $0.00044 is possible, analysts expect potential further falls to $0.00006.

BlockDAG Launches a Lucrative $2 Million Giveaway

BlockDAG is capturing the crypto community’s attention with its dynamic $2 million giveaway, a bold move designed to boost engagement and expand its user base. This initiative offers a golden opportunity for 50 lucky participants to win substantial cash prizes, enhancing BlockDAG’s appeal as an investment. To participate, individuals must hold at least $100 worth of BDAG coins purchased during the presale, encouraging deeper investment into BlockDAG’s ecosystem. Participants can increase their chances of winning by engaging with community activities, completing various tasks, and referring friends, fostering a more vibrant and interactive community.

Central to BlockDAG’s strategy for community engagement is a 10% referral bonus, encouraging active involvement and organic growth. This approach helps build a sense of loyalty and collective effort, promoting sustained and lively community development and making members feel genuinely part of the project’s expansion.

This giveaway strategy rewards loyal users and attracts new investors, showcasing BlockDAG’s commitment to growing its platform and enhancing user experience. The $2 million giveaway has been a significant factor in BlockDAG’s impressive presale success, where the company raised over $53.5 million across 18 batches.

This strategic marketing move positions BlockDAG as a forward-thinking leader in the cryptocurrency space, aig-term valuming to build lone and stability within its community. Through such innovative campaigns, BlockDAG continues to differentiate itself in a crowded market, promising exciting opportunities for both new and seasoned investors.


While the meme coin market faces downturns with PEPE and FLOKI experiencing significant declines, BlockDAG makes headlines with its $2 million giveaway, demonstrating strong community engagement and robust market presence. Holding just $100 in BDAG from the presale qualifies participants for the giveaway, emphasizing BlockDAG’s commitment to building a stable and engaged community. With its strategic market maneuvers and user-friendly platform, BlockDAG is poised to become a leading cryptocurrency in 2024.

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